Daycare at Saint Martin’s is currently full and not able to take any further bookings until September 2026.

If you would like to register your interest should the situation change, please do get in touch.

30 Hours Funding

Day Care at Saint Martin’s has committed to offering Grant Funded places of up to 30hrs for eligible 2, 3 and 4 years olds at Day Care at Saint Martin’s. (From September 2024 we will also offer 9mth+ Funding)

We believe this really helps to support working families and many of you will be eligible to receive the extended funding in addition to the universal offering of 15 hours to parents of all 2, 3 and 4 year olds and make a real saving in your monthly childcare costs.

Please see the presentations below for further details on how your Grant Funding is used and fees are calculated for your child’s place.

To find more information about 15 and 30 Hour Funding or apply via for your child’s funding please use the following links:

We are Ofsted Outstanding

“Children make exceptional progress in this nursery. They are fully immersed in the wealth of exciting play and learning that captures their imagination and zest to learn. Children across all ages are very happy and settled in this exhilarating environment, where there are high expectations for all children to achieve their very best outcomes. Children are encouraged to take manageable risks, to ‘have a go’ and explore and practise the skills and knowledge that they hold..”

March 2023

Your Child’s Learning Journey

Your child’s key worker will send you observations of them playing, making new friends, trying something new or simply enjoying their time with us. We will link this to their development and next steps so that you can join us in your child’s development journey. We use the EYLog system and would encourage you to send us your observations from home for a true parent partnership approach.