We have developed our own pedagogy over fifteen years of working with children and our aim is to deliver the EYFS curriculum in a truly inspiring and engaging way.

Why read a story when you can act it out, dress up as the characters, taste the foods the characters eat and imagine what would happen if………?

Why sit in the garden when you can climb up mounds, roll down slopes, crawl through red wood tunnels, mix, investigate and explore in the mud kitchen and science zone?

Our pedagogy is built on four branches of development:

Curious Explorers

Independent Learners

Inquisitive Thinkers

Confident Communicators


We are privileged to have beautiful grounds with four gardens that have been thoughtfully designed to create exciting environments where children can develop their physical skills, explore and be curious. We have a ‘talking tent’ where key workers can take their children to develop language and listening skills. We even have a ‘Curiosity Cabin’ full of real objects offering opportunities to role play and make sense of the world.

Our nursery is divided into four age-appropriate areas providing a truly child-centred environment and includes a sensory room, indoor play lofts, library, dedicated sleep room and large, airy open plan spaces. The rooms have been thoughtfully designed using high quality furniture and fittings and complimented with a wide range of open-ended resources, technology, and opportunities for the children to experiment, develop critical thinking skills, independence and be engaged in their play and development. 

Healthy Lifestyles

In order to thrive, children need to be able to eat, sleep and exercise well with the support and guidance of caring adults. During their day at Day Care at Saint Martin’s children will sit down together for freshly prepared meals and snacks, relax in a quiet, comfortable environment to rest/sleep and will learn new ways to challenge their physical development through a varied programme of movement and exercise to build strength and stability.

Keeping your children safe

The safety and security of the children in our care is always the number one priority and is a rigorously enforced via state-of-the-art security systems, risk assessments, regular health and safety audits as well as strict adherence to our nursery policies. Below is a link to the Day Care at Saint Martin’s Safeguarding policy.

We believe that it is important for a child to be given opportunities to test their limits and take some risks as part of their physical and emotional development. So we provide these opportunities but ensure that they are carefully monitored and supervised.

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