Young children love making things with you.  These bird feeders are easy to make and your child will get so much satisfaction from seeing the birds feeding from them.  This is a particularly good activity for the autumn and winter.

What do I need?

  • An orange
  • String
  • Bird seed


Please check for any allergies and  ensure that no nuts are used



  • Cut the orange in half
  • Scoop out all the fruit and juice with a metal spoon
  • Using a sharp knife, make a small hole in each side of the orange
  • Feed a length of string through the holes to make a hanging loop, tying a knot at each end so that you can pick it up
  • The feeders can get a bit lop sided at this stage so you may need an additional loop or something to rest it on as well!
  • Fill the orange with your bird seed
  • Hang it outside, ideally somewhere where you will be able to keep an eye on it


Please support your child at all times when using a knife to help them use it safely

What is the benefit for my child?


This activity enables your child to develop a wide range of skills such as:


  • Maths by investigating capacity, weighing, measuring, counting and looking at balance
  • Physical motor skills by pinching, squeezing, pushing, tying and pouring
  • Expressive art and design by making the feeder
  • Personal, social and emotional by working together on this project
  • Understanding the world by talking about what birds eat and why there is less food for them in the winter
  • Communication and language by listening to instructions, asking questions and sharing ideas


We hope you enjoy making bird feeders as much as we do!